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Management Team

Dr. Gutierrez
Dr.Gutierrez is a practicing Allergy Immunologist and Endocrinologist in Kissimmee, Florida. He has led many pharmaceutical clinical trials and collaborated in developing new drugs with different pharmaceutical companies. His research is primarily focused on vanadium compound and micronized glyburide for the treatment of HIV. He has his fellowship training from Tulane University, Louisiana.
Dr. Enrique Gutierrez graduated from Universidad entral Del Caribe, Puerto Rico in 1980. He continued his residency in General Surgery, Psychiatry, General Surgery, Family Practice/Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics becoming Board Certified in Pediatrics in 1991. He completed a specialty fellowship in Endocrinology at the prestigious Tulane University. Tulane University is one of the top endocrinology programs in the nation attending Tulane gave him the opportunity to train under Nobel Prize-winning academicians. During his time there he conducted and published groundbreaking research in the area of neuroendocrinology and neuroimmunology. Throughout his stretch, at Tulane, an interest in Diabetes grew strong. His goal became to help patients achieve normalization of glucose levels with minimal or no insulin. He strives to decrease and/or eliminate the need for insulin for both Type one and Type two.

While many may let you believe diabetes is something you just have to live with, Dr. Gutierrez uses all of the available therapeutic resources including oral and injectable to prove that is not the case. The most important tool he uses is dietary controls and nutritional supplements. His unique method of treating diabetes was awarded a U.S Patent.

While he has a special interest in diabetes, he also completed specialty training in Allergy and Immunology during his time at Tulane University. He became a published researcher in the area of drug reactions in AIDS patients. Dr. Gutierrez’s allergy and immunology experience aids him while he treats patients with Bronchial Asthma improving their health and decreasing their medication requirements and hospitalizations.

Dr. Enrique Gutierrez has been in the practice of medicine for over 30 years and believes in honesty and integrity in accordance with his faith and believes he will do everything in his power to conduct all medical actions in harmony to those principles.

In addition to helping patients with Diabetes and Asthma, He wishes to aid anyone that needs help managing immunologic diseases such as HIV, Urticaria, and Eczema. He also is interested in the aggressive management of pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, hyperinsulinism to prevent vascular disease. Hypoinsulinemic ketotic diets are available including the “Ideal Protein” program for rapid weight loss and fat elimination.

Dawood Subhani M.B.B.S.
Dawood Subhani is a dedicated clinical research professional. He has managed several Clinical trials. He has experience in managing several investigator-initiated studies and held research job positions at USC, UCSC, VA SFO, collaborated on many research/clinical trials with reputed universities like Stanford, Harvard etc., expert in managing day-to-day clinical trial activities, and providing support for regulatory filings.
Dr. Patrick
Dr. Patrick is an accomplished medicinal chemist who was the first foreign student to graduate Magna Cum Laude in medicinal organic chemistry from the prestigious University of Tubingen in Germany. His Ph.D. thesis involved cyclical organic compounds which are key to this effort.